Cross chain Meta Aggregator

Connecting more than 27 chains for assets transfer

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Audits are critical to security and decentralization. Our trust score is 100% through multiple firms.

Dynamic Monitoring

Concerned about being hacked ? We bring futuristic algorithm to disable the possible hacked routes through determined transactions.

Optimal Routes

No Assets to swap on the desired routes?. Advanced routes give you the top-niche detours for completion.


Harness the power of historical data to optimize your transactions. Stay ahead of the curve with our data-driven approach, the best gas charges for your transactions with precision and cost-effectiveness.

Slippage Protection

Minimize the impact of slippage on your trades with our adjustable slippage protection feature. Maintain greater control over your trades by adjusting the slippage parameters to your desired settings.


Gain valuable insights into transaction durations with our comprehensive analysis. We ascertain the average transaction time, allowing you to have a clear understanding of the expected processing period.

Fuel statistics

Unlock comprehensive insights into gas usage with our advanced estimation tool. Experience optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness

Intelligent Route Management

Streamline your trading experience with our route exclusion feature. Enhance your trading efficiency by leveraging our route exclusion functionality, allowing you to make informed decisions based on available liquidity.

Transaction Insights

Simplify your accounting process with our smart accounting solution. No more switching between chains to access transaction details from different wallets.